The Blimp

The Blimp Escapes! -- Photo by Pat Murphy[31Kb]

Over Memorial Day Weekend, the Brazen Hussies remote-control, indoor blimp debuted in the opening ceremonies at Wiscon in Madison, Wisconsin. During the Tiptree Award auction, blimp piloting lessons were auctioned off for $20 each. For those who demanded an explanation for the Brazen Hussies Blimp, an ad in the program book provided:

The Top Ten Reasons for a Brazen Hussies Blimp:

#10 Pat Murphy has always wanted a blimp.
#9 Lisa Goldstein wrote about surrealism — and what could be more surreal?
#8 Michaela Roessner believes blimps are sleek and voluptuous — just like Brazen Hussies
#7 BLIMP is an acronym for "Brazen Ladies Instigate Magnificent Promotions."
#6 Goodyear Blimp is too big for the hotel.
#5 "Blimp" is such fun to say.
#4 Better visibility than a submarine.
#3 Football games have blimps. Why not literary events?
#2 It's so big. (Not that size matters.)
#1 It's tax deductible!

The Blimp and Ellen -- Photo by Pat Murphy

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